1. The Name of the League shall be the Covington Street Hockey League and is operated by

Hockey for Covington, LLC.

  1. The object of the League shall be the promotion of the Community and League, and the

playing of Hockey.




The Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Commissioner, League Coach, League

Captain, Secretary Chairman of Development and Fundraising, Marketing Executive, the

Treasurer, Social and Field Chairman, Merchandising Executive, Recruiting Chairman,

and the Media Executive. The Executive Committee may co-opt not more than two

additional members.

  1. The Executive Committee shall meet during the season at least once a month, and at such

other times as occasion may require, three Committee members minimum, to form a

quorum. The Executive Committee shall have power to deal with all the business of the

League. They shall see that correct accounts and books are kept, showing the financial

affairs and receipts and disbursement of the League. Minutes shall be made in proper

books of all resolutions and proceedings of the Committee.

  1. The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy which may arise in their

number. They may also fill any vacancy which may arise in the Clubs (Teams) Selection

Committee and may appoint Chairmen of such sub-committees as may from time to time

be necessary. The Chairman of a sub-committee may appoint members to that subcommittee,

and shall subsequently report the names of such members to the Executive


The Executive Committee shall have power to borrow for the purpose of the League, and

the Trustees shall have power, with the authority of the Executive Committee, to pledge

the League’s assets and property as security for such borrowing.

  1. The Commissioner, for the time being, at any meeting of the League or its Committees

and subcommittees, shall have the right to exercise a casting vote in addition to his

ordinary vote.



  1. The property of the League shall be vested in not fewer than two Trustees who shall be

elected at a General Meeting and each shall hold office until he/she shall resign, be absent

from the U.S.A. for one year, cease to be a member of the League, or, for such or other

reason be removed from office by a resolution passed at a General or Special General

Meeting of the League. Should a Trustee cease to act as such, for whatever cause, and

thereby the Trustees are reduced to not more than one in number, the Executive

Committee shall, pending the election of a new Trustee or Trustees at the next General

Meeting appoint a Trustee or Trustees to fill the vacancy or vacancies thus created.

  1. a) Nothing in this Rule shall preclude the Trustees from allowing any monies which

shall come into the hands of the Executive Committee to be retained by it or

retained under its control either in hands or in Bank, and to be applied by it for the

purposes of the League.

  1. b) No personal liability shall attach to any Trustee or Trustees except to the extent of

such property of the League as shall actually be received by him/her or them.



  1. The following Meetings shall be held each year:

(a)        Two General Meetings — the first in the months May/June and the second in the

months of December/January.

(b) Such Special General Meetings as are convened in accordance with the Rules of

the League.


May/June General Meeting

  1. There shall be elected at the May/June General Meeting:
  2. a) The Executive Committee members referred to in Rule 3.
  3. b) If necessary, not less than two Trustees as provided under Rule 7.
  4. c) Two Honorary Auditors.
  5. d) The Captain of the League shall appoint the Captain of each Club within the

League for such period as he sees fit.


December/January General Meeting

  1. At the December General Meeting the Chairmen of the Executive Committee and the

other Officers of the League shall report to the members progress of the League for the

year to date and plans for the Spring Season.


Special General Meetings

  1. A Special General Meeting may be called at the request of the Executive Committee

(more than half the members) or on a requisition to the Secretary Chairman of

Development and Fundraising (or Commissioner) signed by at least six full and playing

members in good standing of the League, stating the business to be brought forward, and

such a Meeting shall be held within four weeks of receipt by the Secretary Chairman of

Development and Fundraising (or Commissioner) of the requisition calling the Meeting,

and at least 3 days’ notice shall be given to each member, specifying the place of meeting

and the business to be transacted.

  1. The quorum necessary for General or Special General Meetings shall be thirty percent of

the full and playing members or Executive Committee Members.


Alternate Rules of the League

  1. No new rule or alteration of the General Rules shall be made except at either of the

General Meetings as defined by Rule 8 or at a special General Meeting summoned for

that purpose (unless the majority of the Committee members agree on the changes, until

the league requires less flexibility). Notice of intention to propose the making of or

altering such rule or rules shall, in either case, be delivered to the Secretary Chairman of

Development and Fundraising of the League at least three days before the holding of such

meeting and shall in the case of a General Meeting be posted by him at all of the

League’s media outlets at least three days before the date of such General Meeting, and

no further notice shall be sent to members.

In the case of a special General Meeting notice of intention to propose the making or

altering such rule or rules shall be posted to all League’s media outlets three days before

the date of such special General Meeting.

No rule shall be made or altered at any of the said Meetings without a majority of those

present entitled to vote and voting. These changes, and votes, may also be undertaken

electronically given that all correct persons are informed and included.


Conditions of Membership

  1. Any person wishing to join the League’s Executive Committee must be proposed and

seconded by members. The names, addresses, email addresses, and primary telephone

numbers of all proposed as new members shall be handed to the Secretary Chairman of

Development and Fundraising, who shall put them before the next Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall proceed to elect them or not by popular vote.

  1. Only Playing Members, Honorary Life Members and Full Members are entitled to vote at

General Meetings, as defined by Rule 8. All other classes of members may attend such

Meetings but may not vote.

Only Playing Members, Honorary Life Members and Full Members may become

Officers of the League or serve on the Executive Committee.

This rule shall take precedence in respect of interpretation over any statement or

implication that may be made now, or by subsequent amendment, elsewhere in the Rules

of the Covington Street Hockey League.

  1. The Annual Subscription of members shall be determined by the Executive Committee

with the following accessed:

Playing Members                                            — Over 18 years old                            –Full

Full Members                                                                                                              –Full

Associate Members                                        — Per head of family                           –2/5 Full

School children Members                               — Full-time attendance at school        –Free

Country and Overseas Members — Residence minimum of 100 miles from Covington –1/10 Full


(Associate Members and Country and Overseas Members are entitled to use the facilities

and attend League functions. These privileges include their wives and children under 18

years, or girlfriends. They aren’t entitled to vote in League elections or meetings. School

children members are entitled to play hockey but are not entitled to vote in League

elections or meetings.)

  1. a) Playing members are defined as those persons over 18 years of age who play

hockey, or make themselves available to play hockey, for the League.

  1. b) Persons who have played hockey for the League but no longer wish to play the

game are entitled to become Full Members if they so wish.

  1. c) The Executive Committee have discretion to elect persons as Full Members,

having regard to their past or potential future contributions to the game of Hockey

and commitment to our Mission and Goals.

  1. The Executive Committee shall have power to elect Honorary Life Members and

Honorary Members from time to time as they think fit.

  1. Should any member conduct themselves in a manner that, in the opinion of the Executive

Committee, is derogatory to the League, that Committee may call on him/her for an

explanation, and if they think fit, remove such person from membership without any

obligation to refund him/her subscription.

  1. That as the payment of their subscription will entitle each member to enjoy the benefits

of the League, so it is to be considered as distinctly implying his acquiescence in the

Rules of an institution to which he thus voluntarily attaches himself, as well as his

submission to the restrictions they enjoin and the penalties they exact.

  1. The League shall be named Covington Street Hockey League. Clubs within the league

may adopt different names if they wish, the choice to be approved by the Executive

Committee. Only the Executive Committee may alter any name subsequently chosen by

the clubs in the League.



  1. In the case of any dispute as to the interpretation of these Rules, the decision of the

Executive Committee shall be deemed final.


Display of Rules

  1. These rules shall be printed and a copy of them posted on all of the League’s media