Installation of Hockey for Covington, LLC (CSHL) Multi-Sport Court at Kenney Shields Old Tennis Court Plan


Hockey for Covington, LLC and CSHL are to fund and maintain a multi-sport court at Kenney Shields old tennis court for the life of the league while playing at Kenney Shields Park.


-Provide a safe place in the neighborhood for residents and visitors to utilize for multiple activities.

-Raise awareness of the City and its parks as an inclusive destination.

-Have ample amenities to host events and Covington Street Hockey League and its tournaments.

-Store equipment for the league and maintenance of the court.

-Possibly create revenue for the league and therefore, ultimately, for Covington Parks.




The tennis court next to the Kenney Shields basketball court will be repaired, extended, and resurfaced. Treated wooden boards, fences, and nets will be built around the playing surface. The drainage will be averted with a trench and gravel on the east side of the court. The boards and playing surface will be painted (likely in conjunction with sponsors of CSHL and Make Goebel Great). Two 20-foot benches will be built on either side of the court. A waterline will be built to supply fountains and the ice-coating of the playing surface. The current shelter next to the court will be revamped. Finally, a pad to host a trailer for transporting of equipment will be built next to the shelter. An itemized cost list and the picture showing the locations follow.

Item Item Amount Unit Unit Cost Total Cost Notes
Prep of Court 1 ls  $350.00  $350.00 Sealing of Cracks, Removal of Posts, Landscaping
Drainage Issues 1 ls  $100.00  $100.00 Trench on east side of court – gravel filled
Seeding of lower area 2000 square feet  $0.25  $500.00 ODOT mix at bottom of hill – 100′ x 20′
Resurface of Court 7200 square feet  $3.70  $26,640.00 2″ Bituminous asphalt mix – 120′ x 60′
Line Painting of Court 1 ls  $250.00  $250.00 center line, faceoff circle, crease
Fencing around Court 360 Linear Feet  $14.00  $5,040.00 8′ tall chain link (rubber coated)
Boards and Corner Boards 50 each  $18.00  $900.00 3/4″ plywood attached to fence posts
Additional Lumber for Boards 100 each  $8.00  $800.00 PT 2x4s and 4x4s for top rail and bracing
Net behind goal 12 each  $25.00  $300.00 8′ net hung on fence posts (above 8′ fence) 8’x11′
Bench 2 each  $250.00  $500.00 2 benches that are at least 20′ long
Waterline to Court 190 feet  $                         –  $                        – This is a want, not a need but obtained price ($21 per ft)
Revamp of existing shelter 1 ls  $80.00  $80.00 Paint and repair bad lumber
Parking area for Trailer 8 cubic yards  $40.00  $320.00 Gravel Pad to park equipment trailer (fabric included)
Paint for Boards 5 gallons  $40.00  $200.00 Paint, Brushes and Rollers included in price
Estimated Total for Court  $35,980.00




The court (outlined in RED)

Benches (outlined in Black)

Pad for storage (outlined in Blue)